June 2016

A ten day circumnavigation of Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Situated half way between Norway and the North Pole Svalbard is home to a vast array of wildlife and varying climates. While the interior is a glacial wilderness the coast supports polar bears, walrus, seals, reindeer, whales and a cornucopia of bird life. Over the ten days we travelled into fjords witnessing vast blocks of ice calving from glaciers, polar bears and cubs with seal kills, minke and beluga whales, and huge groups of walrus. As incredible an experience as this was the Svalbard ecosystem is on the brink; our trip in 2016 coincided with record low sea ice extent and 2017 continued that trend. It's almost certain that Svalbard as it exists today will be gone within the coming decades.

Iceberg   •   Svalbard
Beaded seal   •   Svalbard
Glacier's edge   •   Svalbard
Walrus   •   Svalbard
Svalbard reindeer   •   Svalbard
Ptarmigan   •   Svalbard
Fast ice   •   Svalbard
Polar bear with seal kill   •   Svalbard
Polar bear   •   Svalbard
Landscape   •   Svalbard
Red phalarope   •   Svalbard
Little auk   •   Svalbard
Polar bears   •   Svalbard
Polar bear cubs   •   Svalbard
Polar bears   •   Svalbard
Polar bears   •   Svalbard
Yearling polar bear   •   Svalbard
Abandoned trappers hut   •   Svalbard

Simon Hunter