Simon Hunter


September, 2020


I have spent the vast majority of my 30+ years on this planet avoiding Scotland. I attribute this to a scarring childhood holiday spent in a tent in the rain. However, with the travel restrictions imposed by the COVID pandemic, I figured it was worth giving Scotland a second chance. [...]

July, 2019


Vancouver Island, situated a 90 min ferry ride west of Vancouver city, is a jewel. Bright green rainforests line the Pacific coast, white sand beaches fill rocky coves, and snow-capped mountains harbour vast sapphire lakes. Emerald rivers run along valleys, at times thundering through gorges, at times so serene they appear frozen [...]

November, 2018


The Big Island measures only 75 miles across and yet is home to a huge variety of climates, scenery and culture. Over the 10 days we spent on the island we scuba-dived with giant yet graceful manta rays, watched the sun set while waves crashed against hardened lava flows, [...]

December, 2017


A week spent on a National Parks tour of the American Southwest. After landing in Las Vegas we headed north and across the border into Utah. A hike up Angel's Landing in Zion National Park was followed by a day in Bryce Canyon [...]

June, 2016


A ten day circumnavigation of Spitsbergen, Svalbard. Situated half way between Norway and the North Pole Svalbard is home to a vast array of wildlife and varying climates. While the interior is a glacial wilderness the coast supports polar bears, walrus, [...]

Simon Hunter